“Can I Be in Charge of Merchandise?”: Neil Cohen’s AMERICAN GARGOYLES reviewed by an 11 and a 9-year Old!

By James Kenney. Originally published at Whatchareading.com

In Neil Cohen’s new book, AMERICAN GARGOYLES…SAVE THE WENTWORTH!, The American Gargoyles have one mission: to save their home. The once-celebrated but now-forgotten Wentworth Building in Manhattan is targeted for destruction by an egomaniacal developer who wants to knock it down to build a giant mirror so he can look at himself all day.

Working together, the sooty statues go from being ignored stone carvings to brave and brainy heroes cheered by the entire city.

Instead of reviewing the book myself, I did the next best, lazy thing: get my kids to do it! From their responses, it would appear that this book will prove the sleeper children’s book hit of the 21st century!

Michelle Kenney, age 1, is a fan, as you can see from her Gargoyles t-shirt!:

I loved Neil Cohen’s book AMERICAN GARGOYLES because it is charming, colorful, hilarious and provides a good message to both young and old reader. This story revolves around New York City’s concrete statues found on buildings, in fictional forms.  The main characters – Rocky, Lizzie, Kid Rowdy, Mister Blue, Cheery and Dreary and Taxi the Pigeon are all on a mission to save a beloved Manhattan building, the Wentworth, from getting torn down by Mr. Hairdoux.

My favorite part is when Rocky, who is carved into the shape of a football player, admitted that he is not as brave a hero as everyone thinks.  It taught me – as I’m sure it will teach other children – to not be afraid to show who you really are, and that everyone can be a hero.

My favorite character is Lizzie, because she’s an optimist and is a great thinker who comes up with great ideas and plans. A lesson I learned from this book is that “teamwork makes the dream work.” The gargoyles all have to work together to stop Mr. Hairdoux from destroying their tower, and they accomplish it. 

In the future, I’d like to see them go on funny adventures, like maybe in the next book they could dress up as barbers and give Mr. Hairdoux a terrible haircut! 

You can never get tired of reading AMERICAN GARGOYLES!

Julian, age 9, has this to say about GARGOYLES:

Would you put this boy in charge of merchandise?

The American Gargoyles are funny – they amused me, especially when Kid Rowdy drools all over the guy. My favorite part of the story is when Rocky says something deep and he makes a weird face, because I love it when kid’s stories have serious parts like we see in grown-up movies.

Mr. Blue is my favorite character because he makes good music and he is friendly. In the future, I’d like to see the Gargoyles getting replaced and put in the museum, and they have to try to escape and find their way home.

Julian, apparently a young entrepreneur, has one request of Neil Cohen, the author: “Can I be in charge of merchandise?”

So my little ones have spoken!  AMERICAN GARGOYLES IN…SAVE THE WENTWORTH! Is now available!  Check out the American Gargoyles website to keep up to date with the book release, events, new merchandise like t-shirts, and more!

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