The Man in Black: John Cusack in BLOOD MONEY and SINGULARITY

By James Kenney (Adapted from a review originally appearing on BLOOD MONEY John Cusack, long seemingly disinterested in acting since his solid performances in ADULT WORLD and LOVE & MERCY a near-decade ago, disengaged briefly in 2017 from his lively, political and sometimes funny twitter feed to bring some of his long-dormant thespian good humor and timingContinue reading “The Man in Black: John Cusack in BLOOD MONEY and SINGULARITY”

Hooray for Old-School European Pretension! Jeremy Irons and Olga Kurylenko in the unnoticed CORRESPONDENCE

Olga Kurylenko and Jeremy Irons slipped out an old-school, pretentious European romance that is…puzzling.

“You Saved One of My Best Pictures”: My Adventures with Peter Bogdanovich and his Lost, Last Picture Show

A story about a fan, his favorite filmmaker, and an eBay miracle changing the direction of film history.