“It Made Me Angry, But Good Angry”: Gee Malik Linton’s Restored DAUGHTER OF GOD

Gee Malik Linton’s restored “Unique Beast” director’s cut of DAUGHTER OF GOD might make you angry, but the good kind of angry!

The Man in Black: John Cusack in BLOOD MONEY and SINGULARITY

By James Kenney (Adapted from a review originally appearing on whatchareading.com) BLOOD MONEY John Cusack, long seemingly disinterested in acting since his solid performances in ADULT WORLD and LOVE & MERCY a near-decade ago, disengaged briefly in 2017 from his lively, political and sometimes funny twitter feed to bring some of his long-dormant thespian good humor and timingContinue reading “The Man in Black: John Cusack in BLOOD MONEY and SINGULARITY”

Hooray for Old-School European Pretension! Jeremy Irons and Olga Kurylenko in the unnoticed CORRESPONDENCE

Olga Kurylenko and Jeremy Irons slipped out an old-school, pretentious European romance that is…puzzling.

“You Saved One of My Best Pictures”: My Adventures with Peter Bogdanovich and his Lost, Last Picture Show

A story about a fan, his favorite filmmaker, and an eBay miracle changing the direction of film history.