Hooray for Old-School European Pretension! Jeremy Irons and Olga Kurylenko in the unnoticed CORRESPONDENCE

Olga Kurylenko and Jeremy Irons slipped out an old-school, pretentious European romance that is…puzzling.

More than Emmanuelle: Sylvia Kristel in Julia

By James Kenney Cult Epics has put out an interesting new box set (available in Blu-ray or DVD), the Sylvia Kristel 1970s Collection, a fine selection of 1970s features presenting the star who became an international celebrity due to her lead in the Emmanuelle series.  This collections intrigues because it offers a rather diverse assortmentContinue reading “More than Emmanuelle: Sylvia Kristel in Julia”

The French Connection on Skis: Britt Ekland and the Tragic Barry Brown share THE ULTIMATE THRILL!

The great forgotten ski action film, starring Daisy Miller’s Barry Brown and the exquisite Britt Ekland.