Worth 37.5 cents?: The Enduring Legacy of  a Great and Crazy Studio, De Laurentiis Entertainment Group.

I will convince you D.E.G. was an interesting movie studio where multiple artists made masterpieces, new directors got a chance, and solid veterans got their final gigs.

Basic, Elemental Sleaze: The Humpback Classic I, THE JURY.

By James Kenney. July, 2021. I’m normally not so much of a vulgarian outside of my predilection for Eurohorror, but I appreciate an occasional opportunity to be one, and Richard T. Heffron’s 1982 Mickey Spillane adaptation I, The Jury, written by the legendary Larry Cohen, is quite an opportunity. This is not a film withContinue reading “Basic, Elemental Sleaze: The Humpback Classic I, THE JURY.”

The Rejected Flower: A Heartfelt Defense of Peter Bogdanovich’s Romantic Freefall Through Space, ILLEGALLY YOURS

A discussion of why ILLEGALLY YOURS didn’t deserve the death penalty and the intriguing nature of “humpback movies” made by great directors.